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Strategic Management Planning Program (STMP)

In late 2019 and in the first half of 2020, The City of Corry participated in the Strategic Management Planning Program (known as the STMP program) administered by the DCED (PA Department of Community and Economic Development).

The study entailed a consultant conducting an intensive six month study of City finances, current and past management practices, current City operations, and current City contracts (such as union contracts, agreements, etc.)

The consultant that The City of Corry worked with during this process was PEL (Pennsylvania Economy League). At the end of the process, PEL provided an in depth report of their findings including a set of financial projections and a detailed list of recommendations for The City to pursue as future projects.

The entire project was funded partially by grants and partially by the City budget. The City of Corry was approved for a 70%/30% funding match. This means that the DCED funded 70% of the study and The City of Corry funded the remaining 30% of the study. Furthermore, many of the recommendations made in the report are now available to be funded through the DCED at the same ratios. The City is actively working to take next steps in plan implementation.

The full report can be viewed in the attached document below.