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Service Announcement From Advanced Disposal

Advanced Disposal has notified The City of Corry that the CDC has determined the COVID-19 virus can remain viable for up to several days on a variety of waste materials generated by residents. As a result, Advanced Disposal Services will be requiring that all waste be bagged in order to be collected.

Grocery bags containing waste will not be accepted as these are prone to breaking open and are the major cause for windblown trash on collection days. Loose trash will be left at the curb and not collected effective March 30th for all areas. If residents are using containers, they must still bag all waste prior to depositing in the container. This will eliminate windblown items while dumping the container.

Bagging will NOT include recyclables. Recyclables shall remain un-bagged and single stream. This process is for the protection of Advanced Disposal employees as well as residents of The City of Corry.