Ongoing Projects as of June 10, 2021

General Business:

  • Corry Lawrence Airport Transition of Sponsorship-Schedule has been developed and application for transfer process continues.
  • Council Meeting IT Project- equipment has arrived and the training is scheduled
  • Time Keeping hardware and service provider- equipment has arrived
  • STMP Project- Funding has been approved. Preparing for associated RFP’s
    • Asset evaluation for all City owned buildings with long and short term recommendations
    • Zoning ordinance updates
    • Municipal Comprehensive Plan
  • City partnership with the ARC Grant project- with Impact Corry related to continued Conductivity improvements
  • Request for letter of Support: +Strategies and Corporate Solutions ‘Family Matters-Economic Stimulus Package”


  • Review of capital projects for restricted funds- Still researching pricing and specifics for additional equipment for Streets, Fire, Police, Water, Sewer
  • 2017 CDBG Funds- request for an extension has been submitted.  Project for funds needs identified and approved.


  • Police Body Cam and in Car system upgrades- equipment has arrived
  • 3 new officers sworn in: 2 part time and 1 full time.

Fire/Code Compliance:

  • R-Cap project related to Consolidation of Fire Stations- Working with the Redevelopment Authority / Multi-year project. Will seek professional services related to the project.
  • Health Fire and Safety inspection Program- Available for public review.  June 16th public work session to discuss the draft ordinance. 5;15 m at the Corry High school Cafeteria.


  • Mead Park Restroom Project- working with Engineer to adapt project and prepare bids
  • Emergency Power and switch gear for the Community Center and Senior Center- in engineering stage preparing for bids
  • Improvements of the Community Center Kitchen-Scope dependent on Emergency power portion of project
  • Multi-Modal trail project in partnership with Impact Corry-application being prepared for Grant funding by Impact Corry volunteers.   Working in a cooperative project for the first 800 feet of trail.
  • Forest management project- still in process

Public Works:

      Waste Water:

  • Sewer Plant SCADA and Electrical updates- Mostly complete.  Working small punch list items.
  • Sewer Plant Back-up generator and Switch Gear project- design phase with engineer. Seeking Federal Funding 80%/20%
  • Sewer Plant and Collection System Updates- concept design phase with engineer


  • Operator to be hired
  • Water System Phase II project- moving forward on final stages of all contracts with expected completion within 60 days.


  • Operator to be hired
  • One employee retirement planned July 2021 creating a potential opening.
  • Tar and Chip and Paving project- bids have been awarded.  Council to consider additional single coat applications of tar and chip to select surfaces for 2021.


  • Laborer to be hired.
  • Resignation occurred in May creating a potential opening.


North Hills:

  • Grant application for Cart Barn repairs- application submitted.
  • Implementation of new amenities – preparing for projects including disc golf and foot golf
  • Research of potential of year around revenue streams for the facility to add value to the resource long term- research stage


  • Recycling project-collection containers and PW facility and equipment upgrades related to recycling- Funding has been approved.  Project is reimbursement based.  Working with vendors to begin moving the project forward.
  • Development of “shovel ready” projects for potential infrastructure funding on the state and federal level- research stage