Ongoing Projects as of July 8, 2021

General Business:

  • Corry Lawrence Airport Transition of Sponsorship-Schedule has been developed. Redevelopment Authority to vote on moving the project forward.
  • Council Meeting IT Project- equipment has arrived and the training has been held.
  • Time Keeping hardware and service provider- equipment has been installed.  Startup is being scheduled and planned.
  • STMP Project- Funding has been approved. Preparing for associated RFP’s
    • Asset evaluation for all City owned buildings with long and short term recommendations
    • Zoning ordinance updates
    • Municipal Comprehensive Plan
  • City partnership with the ARC Grant project- with Impact Corry related to continued Conductivity improvements
  • Request for letter of Support: +Strategies and Corporate Solutions ‘Family Matters-Economic Stimulus Package” has been completed.


  • Review of capital projects for restricted funds- Still researching pricing and specifics for additional equipment for Streets, Fire, Police, Water, Sewer
  • 2017 CDBG Funds- request for an extension has been submitted.  Is moving forward being utilized toward Code Compliance.


  • Police Body Cam and in Car system upgrades- equipment has arrived

Fire/Code Compliance:

  • R-Cap project related to Consolidation of Fire Stations- Working with the Redevelopment Authority / Multi-year project. Extension applied for by the RDA to allow for continued planning. Will seek professional services related to the project.
  • Health Fire and Safety inspection Program- Available for public review Public Hearing was held.  Public input and comments were taken. Answers to questions and concerns is being developed for public review. Additional meetings with members of the community will be scheduled.


  • Mead Park Restroom Project- working with Engineer to adapt project and prepare bids.  Need to confirm commitment to the vendor in order to complete the review with the DCNR.
  • Emergency Power and switch gear for the Community Center and Senior Center- in engineering stage preparing for bids. 
  • Improvements of the Community Center Kitchen-Scope dependent on Emergency power portion of project
  • Multi-Modal trail project in partnership with Impact Corry-application being prepared for Grant funding by Impact Corry volunteers.   Working in a cooperative project for the first 800 feet of trail.
  • Forest management project- still in process

Public Works:

  • Waste Water:
  • Sewer Plant SCADA and Electrical updates- Mostly complete.  Working small punch list items.
  • Sewer Plant Back-up generator and Switch Gear project- design phase with engineer. Seeking Federal Funding 80%/20%.
  • Sewer Plant and Collection System Updates- concept design phase with engineer


  • Operator to be hired
  • Water System Phase II project- moving forward on final stages of all contracts with expected completion within 60 days.


  • Operator to be hired
  • One employee retirement planned July 2021 creating a potential opening.
  • Tar and Chip and Paving project- bids have been awarded.  Council to consider additional single coat applications of tar and chip to select surfaces for 2021.  Additional tar and chip for review and approval at the July meeting.


  • Laborer to be hired.


North Hills:

  • Grant application for Cart Barn repairs- application submitted.
  • Implementation of new amenities – preparing for projects including disc golf and foot golf have not progressed. Scheduling a review with the Golf course staff for an update and timeline.
  • Research of potential of year round revenue streams for the facility to add value to the resource long term- research stage


  • Street resurfacing grant application- Impact Corry is requesting support from the City in way of grant writing resources being covered by City funds
  • Recycling project-collection containers and PW facility and equipment upgrades related to recycling- Funding has been approved.  Project is reimbursement based.  Working with vendors to begin moving the project forward. Will require updated refuse ordinance and tentatively has a project implementation date of Q2 2022.
  • Development of “shovel ready” projects for potential infrastructure funding on the state and federal level- research stage