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LERTA Meeting - Oct. 20, 2021

Members of the Corry City Council and Corry Area School District Board of Directors will be holding an informational Public meeting on October 20, 2021 at 6pm in the high school cafeteria. The subject of the meeting is to review potential changes to the City of Corry LERTA program ordinance.

A member of the community has presented,  at both a public Corry city council meeting and a public Corry school board meeting,  the potential updates to the LERTA program to encourage residential, commercial, and industrial development in the municipality.  The purpose of the upcoming public informational meeting is to allow for more detailed discussion and review of the potential updates to the already existing program and grant input from the Public, City Council and School Board, as well as, those presenting the request for consideration.  This will allow for information and thoughts to be reviewed in a single setting allowing for consistent conveyance of information and comments.

It has been proposed to expand the current LERTA program to include single family home improvements and new construction.  Additionally, the proposed changes would include the expansion of LERTA eligible districts to include the entire municipality.  The proposed changes would also include changes to the reduced taxation rates and duration as it relates to the program.

This Public informational meeting is not a voting meeting and no official action will be taken.  If the program is to be updated, the changes will be made via required ordinance changes or resolutions as required by law for each taxing body.  Any changes to the program will require approval of the City of Corry - City Council, Corry Area School District Board of Directors, and Erie County as the taxing bodies for the City of Corry.