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Delinquent 2022 Per Capita Update

It has come to our attention that many tax payers are stating they never received their 2022 Per Capita Tax bill.  We do know for a fact there was a printing error and some tax payers received two identical tax bills in separate envelopes.  With that said, we do not know if there was a printing error that caused some tax payers not to receive a tax bill.  Therefore, the City, School District and Berkheimer worked together to waive penalty and fees through the date of May 15, 2023.  A letter is being mailed to each tax payer that received a delinquent notice.

Tax payers only need to pay the tax face amount of $15.00, include a copy of the letter to ensure the fees are waived and mail to Berkheimer.

If a tax pay had already made payment including the fees, they can submit a written request to Berkheimer along with a copy of the letter to get a refund of the fees.  This request must be submitted to Berkheimer’s office in Millcreek.  The mailing address is in the letter.

If a tax payer does not receive a copy of the letter, please contact the City Treasurer at 814-663-2511 or by email at

Please note:  that in the tax law it states failure to receive the tax notices does not relieve the liability to pay the taxes due.  Therefore, the waiving of the penalty and collection fees is a special case this year due to the printing issues.  This practice will not continue in the future.

We apologize for any stress or hardship this issue has caused and hope that this meets the tax payer’s needs.

Thank you for your patience and understanding

Joanne Smith
City Administrator