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Corry Refuse Guideline

City of Corry Refuse Guideline


Garbage and Rubbish – NOT for recycling

Garbage: All animal and vegetable waste connected with the preparation of foods for human consumption, all non-recyclable packaging of food and household products and all materials used in the preparation and handling of food.


Rubbish: Rags, crockery, glass, waste basket debris, furniture, clothing, porcelain, waste paper, and other similar materials from dwelling units. (No limitations on volume from residential refuse customers.)


***Materials allowed but need special handling***

Lumber and pipes must be cut in four (4) foot lengths and tied in manageable bundles. Carpeting must be cut, rolled and tied in four (4) foot lengths.  Remodeling debris must be in sturdy containers which can be handled by one (1) person and in small quantities. Paint cans must be empty and contents completely dry.


**Materials NOT allowed**

Electronics can no longer be put in the trash. This includes TV’s, computers, fax machines, phones, CD/VCR/DVD players, digital appliances and etc. Watch for community events or contact Erie County at 866-815-0016 or


Any material defined as hazardous under Federal, State or Local Statue such as E-Waste materials, propane tanks, kerosene cans, vehicle parts, motors, tires, batteries, broken concrete, asphalt, dirt or large quantities of contractor/demolition, i.e. roof shingles etc.


Yard waste such as: tree limbs, trimmings, grass clippings or any yard or garden waste. Yard Waste can be taken directly to the Public Works Garage at 650 E Smith Street during regular business hours of Monday through Friday from 7 am to 3 pm.  Please call the city building with questions regarding the hours of operation.


Recycling Guidelines –

All recyclable items must be separated from refuse for weekly pickup at the curb. The following items must be placed in clearly marked recycling containers such as orange cans, clear plastic bags or other suitable containers.

Glass: Bottles and jars – remove lids/rings and rinse with water. No WINDOW glass.


Plastic: Soda bottles, milk and water jugs, detergent or bleach bottles and all other #1 and #2 plastic containers – remove lids and rinse with water. No antifreeze or oil containers.


Metal: Aluminum and bi-metal beverage cans, coffee cans, soup cans and all canned food containers. Remove lids and rinse with water.


Paper: Please bundle the following “like” items with string newspaper, magazines/catalogs, flattened cardboard & paper bags, phone books and paperboard (not wax coated.)



2020 Holiday Schedule (Subject to change without notice)

Trash collection will be delayed by one (1) day on the following Holidays:   News Years Day (1/1)

 Memorial Day (5/27), Labor Day (9/2), Thanksgiving Day (11/28), and Christmas (12/25)


Revised March 2020