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Per Capita Tax Bills - Printing Error

The 2022 City of Corry Per Capita Tax Bills were recently mailed to residents that reside within the City of Corry between the ages of 18 to 66. 

Due to a printing error, some residents may have received duplicate bills in the same envelope.  If the bill has the same Per Capita Number, the duplicate can be disregarded. 

Residents 66 years of age or over on July 1st of the application year or residents that make less than $12,000.00 a year can be exonerated from Per Capita Tax.  Forms can be picked up at the City Building or the Corry Area School District and must be submitted by September 1, 2022 to the Corry Area School District Administration Office Attn:  Per Capita, 540 E Pleasant St, Corry PA 16407. 

Per Capita bills are due at the discounted rate of $14.70 until September 30, at face rate of $15.00 until November 30 and at penalty rate of $15.75 until December 31.  Bills can be paid in person, by mail or online at by clicking on “Pay Your Bill”. 

Any questions regarding the bills can be directed to City Treasurer Levi Kelly by email at or by phone at 814-663-2511.