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2019 Spring Hydrant Flushing

The 2019 Spring Hydrant Flushing Program will begin on Monday, May 13. Daytime flushing will take place between the hours of 9:00 a.m. and 3:00 p.m.

Over time, sediment builds up on the inside of water distribution pipes (water mains), narrowing the path that water can flow through. Twice per year, the hydrants are flushed to remove any accumulated sediments from water mains and restore water flow, which helps the City to better meet the needs of homes, businesses, and Public Safety. The flushing program also helps to verify that all water supply systems work, including pumps, storage tanks, mains, valves, and hydrants.

Flushing doesn’t affect the safety of the water supply but tap water may appear cloudy or discolored immediately after flushing has occurred in the area. If this happens, water customers are advised to run their cold water in their bathtub or utility sink until it runs clear again. It also recommended that water customers avoid doing laundry on the day that flushing is scheduled and for the following 24 hours to avoid potential issues with clothing. 

Hydrant Flushing Schedule

First WardMonday May 13
Second Ward & Columbus TwspTuesday May 14
Third Ward & Wayne TwspWednesday May 15
Fourth WardThursday May 16