A Message from the Chief

Welcome to the City of Corry Police Department web-page. The Police Department is here to protect the citizens of Corry and also to provide service to the community.  The Police Department operates on a Community Police philosophy.  Community policing is a way to work with the community to build a lasting relationship and improve the flow of information between the Police Department and the community.

The Police Department in 2015 sent an officer to be trained in crime prevention and community policing programs.  That officer or any of the officers can come out upon request and will be scheduled to talk and give presentations to your group.  To schedule a program call 664-2222 for the Chief of Police and an officer will be scheduled for the talk or presentation.

The Police Department and City Government in an effort to be back in touch with the citizens have installed a new telephone system.  The telephone system now allows the citizen the chance to call the Police Station Directly if they have a question or concern.  The Citizens can talk to an on duty officer if they are on station or leave a message on the voice mail and the officer will get back to them as soon as they return to the station.  The Police Clerk normally works Monday-Friday 7:30 AM to 3:30 PM and when working will answer the telephone at the Police Department.  When calling the police station remember if you have an emergency call 911. This saves time and the officer can be dispatched to your location by Erie County Dispatch/911 Center.  Also if you are reporting a crime you will need to use option 1 on the telephone system which will be forwarded to Erie County Dispatch/911 for dispatching.  Please listen and follow the directions on the new telephone system to be able to contact or direct your call to the correct office.

The Police Department has teamed with the Erie County Department of Health to bring a medication drop box to the Police Department.  Any unused, unwanted or old medications can be brought to the Police Station between the hours of 8AM-3PM Monday through Friday to be disposed of properly.  If you cannot make it to the Police Station at the above times call the police station, (814)664-2222, to make sure an officer is on station to accept your medications.  This has been a very popular and successful program.

The City of Corry Police Department started a community neighborhood watch program in 2013.  All Corry Area Citizens are welcome at the meetings which are normally held on the second Wednesday of the month at St. Paul’s Lutheran Church multi purpose room.

As you can see many of the programs that the City of Corry Police Department has launched over the past year are geared towards the Community.  All the officers at the Police Department are encouraged to volunteer their time and efforts in youth sports programs, scouting programs, community boards and church boards as a way to give back to the community and to show the citizens that the Police Officers do care about the community.  The more the Police Department can give back to the community the better off our community, the Police Department and the officers will be.

The City of Corry is a great community to work, live and raise a family.  Please take pride in your community, your neighborhood and your house.  We all have a busy schedule but if you can take a few hours out of your time to volunteer on any number of boards, in youth sports programs or what ever interests you. By working together we all can make the City of Corry and surrounding communities even a better and safer community to live, work, play and raise a family.

Great things can happen when we all work together!